What Are MAMI Piano Note Chords Scales Chart Diagrams + Why Use Them?

Or, for some musicians… even before this question… WHY bother to STUDY or try to USE scales at all? How does / can this possibly help?

Once you’ve come to realize and appreciate the power of logical scales studies: how this can take you to unlimited levels with both playing, plus especially creative composition then dig below… 😉

MAMI Piano Note Chords Scales Chart Diagrams go beyond the ordinary. MAMI Diagrams are integrated references that help you to more easily view, find and create fresh melodic, plus harmonic ideas using the notes, arpeggios, plus chords that are present in scales!

MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales Header

What makes MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales Diagrams YOUR BEST references for finding and creating new, fresh ideas…

Check out the comparison chart below. Instead of you using the old-fashioned and limited diagrams of the past, let every MAMI diagram page give you the World-Famous, comprehensive, integrated view of a subject scale’s notes, intervals, modes, chords relationships: all at a glance. Each MAMI Diagram page provides a unique, deep reference!


Below is an actual MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales Chart Diagrams for the C Major 7th Scale with an added 8th (Flatted Fifth, Gb) Note.

I wanted to provide a demonstration using a familiar scale: but adding an extra note for the challenge and opportunity such to think outside of what you may already know.

The Cubes provide additional visual references for those who wish to “dig way deep” into the nature of any subject scale: but are not at all necessary to yield otherwise excellent results for note, chords and modes based creative scales exploration.

There is an extensive tutorial video linked below the diagram that explains the use, plus concept of these MAMI extended, integrated Note, Chords, Scales Charts Diagrams, but it is a simple matter to get started without this by just experimenting… using the Note, plus Interval Chart Diagrams at the page top… plus taking the scale analysis, potential usage clues and hints that are provided on the right side of the page.


Click the link below for a tutorial on using the multiple integrated MAMI Diagram elements!

MAMI Musical Scales Atlas – Notes Chords Scales Charts Diagrams full tutorial video: opens in an external window…

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We’ve considered your budget too. Sure, you can purchase the huge, 572 page “MAMI Complete” Versions. The “Complete” versions diagram the 45 subject scales listed below and from ALL 12 potential Root Notes.

But those having a smaller budget can buy the 74 page “MAMI “Lite” Versions. The “Lite” version also have the same 45 subject scales listed below and diagrammed, but with these INSTEAD showing ONLY C as their Root Notes.

Check out the sample MAMI diagram (for the 8-note subject C Major Scale, with an added b5th note below. The legend highlights the amazing, unique, comprehensive and 10 element integrated view that provides an unparalleled perspective that presents both a simple, quick, reference, plus also deep information to help the creative process and potential to find ideas and information using this scale.

The yellow grid… below this MAMI Diagram sample page and breakdown… lists all of the subject scales that are covered, plus analyzed in similar pages when you purchase the MAMI Book!


MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales “Complete” -W- Disk: A BIG Book!

What the MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales Diagram “Complete” Book… (the ‘MAMI Scale Atlas for Piano Complete’)… looks like when delivered to your door!

Whether you’re a Student and / or a Teacher, MAMI Diagrams and Books are YOUR Piano Notes Chords Scales References for life…

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An amazing, fat, juicy book: for a lifetime of unlimited creative studies and teaching on Piano / Keyboards Instruments and Theory!

MAMI Books Side by Side Comparison - Complete vs Lite
MAMI Books Side by Side Comparison – Complete vs Lite


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