Now your chance to own the book… your lifelong reference… for studying and even teaching. Be sure to go below to Check out the video of a happy recipient of the MAMI Book for Piano Notes Chords Scales. This tool is a REAL thing: that YOU can BUY, own & use, starting NOW!

The MAMI Piano Notes Chords Scales Book -w- Free Bonus Disk (containing an extensive Tutorial Video, plus dozens of Sample Diatonic Scale Based Composition Audio Files and more) is available for purchase in both a Printed Hardcopy, plus also formatted for sale as an Immediate Download to your Computer, Tablet and / or Phone.

We’ve considered your budget too. Sure, you can purchase the huge, 572 page “MAMI Complete” Versions. The “Complete” versions diagram the 45 subject scales listed below and from ALL 12 potential Root Notes.

But those having a smaller budget can buy the 74 page “MAMI “Lite” Versions. The “Lite” version also have the same 45 subject scales listed below and diagrammed, but with these INSTEAD showing ONLY C as their Root Notes.

Check out the sample MAMI diagram (for the 8-note subject C Major Scale, with an added b5th note below. The legend highlights the amazing, unique, comprehensive and 10 element integrated view that provides an unparalleled perspective that presents both a simple, quick, reference, plus also deep information to help the creative process and potential to find ideas and information using this scale.

The yellow grid… below this MAMI Diagram sample page and breakdown… lists all of the subject scales that are covered, plus analyzed in similar pages when you purchase the MAMI Book!